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The Terminal No. 5 renovation project is part of the Port of Baie-Comeau's vision of being a profitable, efficient, safe and welcoming port, while strengthening its role as a lever for sustainable regional development.

the project's objectives

An efficient port terminal

Build a terminal efficient multimodal and multi-use port.

Safety first

Improve the safety of port operations by ensuring harmonious cohabitation of uses.

New opportunities

Open new business opportunities for the port, its customers and partners.

Community Prosperity

Contribute to the prosperity and influence of our community.

Project Components

The current facilities at Terminal No. 5, built in the early 1960s, have become obsolete. They have not been used for docking of ships and transshipment of goods for many years. The planned work includes reconstruction of the wharf, dredging of the seabed, as well as redevelopment of the parking lot and access roads.
More specifically, the work to be carried out is as follows*:
Remove most of the existing dock as well as the unused loading ramp;
Backfill areas subject to tides behind the existing quay over an area of 3,200 square meters;
Excavate or dredge an area of approximately
21,320 square meters, to achieve a minimum draft of 10.2 meters;
Build a steel sheet pile facade with an approximate length of 192 meters for the berthing of ships with a tonnage of up to 40,000 tonnes.
* The figures are estimates, which will be clarified with the detailed engineering work.
Port transfer briefing book
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Terminal no5
Terminal no5

Steps taken and to come

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Port transfer briefing book
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Our approach

The Port of Baie-Comeau is committed to working continuously in collaboration with the entire community, with the aim of bringing together all favorable conditions for the harmonious implementation of the Terminal No. 5 repair project.


Targeted consultations have already taken place during the fall of 2023 with nearly thirty organizations in Manicouagan as well as with the First Nations affected by the project.

Stay tuned!

A public information and discussion session will take place in winter 2024, in order to publicize the details of the project and collect questions, concerns and suggestions from the population.

Comments? Questions?

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